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What is the Evolution Training?

 Imagine taking only 2.5 days out of your life to significantly shift the way you experience yourself and life!  How would you like to feel freer and safer to be your AUTHENTIC SELF?  Paradoxically, at the Evolution Training we support you to practice an aspect of life, which should really be the EASIEST thing to do and yet seems to be the HARDEST.  What is that?  To be YOURSELF! 

Why does it seem SO HARD at times to simply BE OURSELVES?

Well, based on research, the answer is really not a huge mystery. The thing that seems to so effectively hinder us from feeling free and safe to be ourselves is, unresolved TRAUMA!

What is trauma?

Trauma is the state of being that our body, mind, emotions, behaviors and relational tendencies live in and express when we have UNRESOLVED THREAT RESPONSES in our system.  What is a threat response?  A threat response is produced by the natural and normal 'animal,' reptilian brain part of us that responds when there is a threat to our well being.  This part of us is the oldest part of our brain.  It has been in place and evolving over millions of years.  However, since most of us don't typically experience threats to our actual survival on any kind of a regular basis (and some of us do) we are more likely talking about experiencing threats to the survival of our sense of self, well being and the quality of life that is possible for us. In other words, all the times we expressed our authentic self and received any kind of negative feedback or disapproval, we start adjusting ourself to 'fit in' and gain various kinds of acceptance and safety.  Of course we need acceptance and safety, however, when we begin sacrificing our true self, life starts to hurt. For many of us these adjustments and sacrificing of our true self likely began when we were very young.  For many of us we have had decades worth of doing this and we find our self  in our 20s, 30s, 40s and particularly in middle age, wondering, what the heck happened, where did our joy and life go?  

Well this quagmire of pain, fear and regret can be remedied when we participate in programs like the Evolution Training that are both educational and therapeutic in nature.

We can begin to unravel the mystery of how this all happened and what can be done about it!

Regarding trauma, we are not just referring to people who have had traumas such as being in a war or other catastrophic circumstances.  While those kinds of traumas can be healed also, we particularly focus on the relational trauma caused by family dysfunction.  These kinds of circumstances, like other kinds of trauma are very damaging to our well being and quality of life.

Our system responds to threats of varying degrees because our reptilian brain is hard wired to respond to threats by fleeing, fighting or freezing. 

More than likely, most people have at least once in their life experienced some kind of a 'threat to their sense of self' as well as threats to their beliefs, in what is possible for them.  Most likely these hurts, fears and pains started in childhood and may have continued into adolescence and adulthood.

For some people various kinds of threats; physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, mental, spiritual etc. were more or less severe.  However the severity does not determine the validity. Even minor unresolved threat responses can be damaging in some way to our 'sense of self' and the future quality of our lives.  

Threats come in two categories: one is when something is happening to us that is not good for us, this we will call abuse.  The other is when we are needing something we seem to be unable to obtain, this we will call neglect.

In a healthy family system and culture, children, elders and people in general are neither abused nor neglected.  However, clearly as part of the human race, we know that these things go on.  All of us live to some degree in unhealthy family and social systems, cultures and the planet at large.

However, again, threats to our 'system' are to some degree natural.  We will at times experience hurt, fear and pain. However, most of the threats we are speaking of and experiencing in our modern culture are not tigers chasing us, but rather relationally based threats such as abuse, neglect or both.

So when any part of our body/mind/emotional/relational 'system' is threatened, our natural propensity is to flee, fight or freeze, in that order of priority.  However, as children likely we could not flee/leave the family system we were dependent on and we are two small or not adequately equipped to fight in some way that is effective.  This leaves us the only other viable option which is to conduct a form of freeze, which we do.  Exactly how we do that and the damaging effects it has on our well being, sense of self and quality of life we teach further in the Evolution Training.

However, for our purposes here we will go on to say that many of us are still living in a 'state of freeze.'  A state of being where we cannot seem to completely relax, we are tired, anxious, depressed, unmotivated, struggling in various areas of our life, such as health, career or creativity, creating adequate finances and relationships.  Sound familiar?

How do we respond to these pains, fears and dissatisfaction in life?  Often, the development of various kinds of addictions, severe or mild are our best attempts to soothe and/or escape these pains.  

However, there is a WAY OUT!

Through passionate and dedicated willingness, mindfulness, education and therapeutic practice we can learn to open up to, feel and tell the truth about where we are dissatisfied, angry, in pain or suffering in life.  Some of these hurts are not hard to find, often they are just below the surface or triggered on a regular basis when we're with family, friends, at work etc.

The truth is, we are innocent and vulnerable beings.  We were also innocent and vulnerable children when many of these threats happened.  As we said, experiencing various kinds of threats in life is not unusual. However, when the body/mind's system produces the threat response (flee, fight, freeze) and it is not completely resolved, a trauma develops.

 Trauma is when the 'system' to some degree is still in the experience of the threat. Trauma can also be called wounding.  It is when there are LASTING effects of a threat.  The system has not been restored to well being.  Living in this state has many detrimental ramifications.  The body/mind is to some degree in a constant state of stress, it is susceptible to 'irritation,' it cannot function optimally and it tends to create 'distance' from others in a variety of ways. It would be like living life with an open sore.  You would need to maintain a high state of vigilance to attempt to avoid further pain. In essence the 'wound' is dominating your attention, your time and other resources.  In essence these unresolved 'wounds' subconsciously dominate our life.

Furthermore, when these wounds effect our quality of life, self-esteem and self image, we tend to try to hide them.  Now we have a whole new set of circumstances dominating our energy and attention, numerous personality traits we have developed, attempting to not let people know, we're in pain and at the same time trying to 'be successful' and make it in life, all the while with varying degrees of struggle internally.

This 'push/pull' of hiding and compensating is very stress inducing and takes its toll on our health, vitality, aliveness, passion etc.

For most of us again, the threats that we encountered in our modern lives were not lions and tigers and bears.  Tragically, they were mommy and daddy, siblings, relatives, teachers, other kids and adults.  For many of us, our threats and threat response experiences happened in relationship with the very people who were responsible for our well being.  

A teacher of mine once said, "we are wounded in relationship, so we must heal in relationship."  

The hard part about this is that when we learn through experience, even in part, that relationships don't feel safe, we tend to avoid, withdraw, distance, even isolate in an attempt to stay safe.  Understandably, because our system has registered an experience of unsafety and pain, IN RELATIONSHIP, which has not gotten resolved and avoiding PEOPLE is an attempt at relief and to avoid further pain.  However, research also shows that WE NEED RELATIONSHIP for growth, stimulation and well being! 

OY! What a quandry!

But there is a way out!

While we have said that it is natural to experience threats and the natural threat responses of our system, there do exist in the universe, options for resolution of these threat responses.  Our body/mind/emotional system DOES KNOW HOW to regulate itself back to a natural and normal state of peace, rest, relaxation, vitality, creativity and joy when it is no longer in the presence of a threat.  However, if most of the 'threats' we are talking about here are our relational threats, then what? 

How is a child supposed to grow up being healthy, happy and live a fully creative and satisfying life if their environment and support system was not safe?  This is not to simply blame dysfunctional parents, as in this day and age most of us have had varying degrees of dysfuntional parenting as did our parents as did theirs and so on.

So, this is not about simply placing blame.  Even if we agree that less than optimal things happened to us as children, even if we could portray a valid argument for victimization, the bottom line is, that now as adults, IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY to OWN and get what we need to resolve our wounding and WE CAN!   

The resources necessary to heal relational wounding exist and are AVAILABLE!

Your hurts, fears and pains CAN BE RESOLVED!


It's time for you to release pain, release dysfunctional behaviors and begin to move more confidently and powerfully in the direction of a satisfying and fulfilling life!



The Evolution Training will teach you how, support you along the way and be with you in a loving, gentle and nurturing manner!

The time is NOW to live from your TRUTH, feel safer in relationships, reclaim your passion for life, your ability to live from your heart, have the conviction that your future is BRIGHT and that you are on your way to living your dreams and purpose!


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The Evolution Training offers a path to personal freedom and empowerment. We have seen, over and over, the profound and permanent transformations people have made in their lives in just 2.5 days!  By being willing to have the courage to lovingly, feel and inquire into the places you are stuck, in pain and the unconscious beliefs that are no longer serving you and the choices you make, you can learn to literally rebirth yourself and create a new future anchored in a new you – joyous and free to love, learn, create or simply relax into a more comfortable, confident sense of yourself. 

The Evolution Training assists us to heal from old beliefs and trauma and come into present time and conscious awareness. We learn to let go of feelings, thoughts and behaviors that limit our possibilities. We begin to breathe freely and see life as it can be: full of possibility, wide open, welcoming and filled with promise.

 We invite you on this journey of self-discovery. In this world of personal exploration you will delight in finding that many of the answers you seek are already inside you. Our role is to support you to connect with your real truths, learn to trust yourself and it may not be as difficult as you imagine. As you break through fears and limitations that once served you but no longer do, your essential self is revealed and you uncover/discover what's really important to you.  When you are settled in these feelings, the world opens up. Your authentic self becomes a magnet for opportunities, life experiences and others who yearn to connect with you in this place and your life is set on a new course, unfolding with more ease, purpose and joy!

We  Are There  With You Every Step of the Way

You will not have to embark on this journey alone. One of the most powerful dynamics of the Evolution Training is that you will be accompanied by about 15 other participants of all ages and from all walks of life who will travel this journey with you. In addition, our experienced trainers and assistants, all of whom have completed the Evolution Training, will be available to support you, every step of the way.  We will support you to go at your own pace and provide loving, caring guidance as you travel your path of self-discovery.

Who Attends the Evolution Training?

We are proud to say that people travel from around the country to attend this powerful life changing event. Our participants come from a diverse range of professional, economic, ethnic, spiritual and lifestyle backgrounds. We have discovered that when human beings feel safe to share their personal challenges in an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion, that something remarkable happens. Our graduates have discovered that sharing universal traits of listening, compassion, empathy, patience and sensitivity leads all people to a common ground, connection and bond that is deeply satisfying and what human beings are yearning for.

 Our Offer and Our Promise

If you courageously act on this impulse you are feeling, to take a step toward breaking through what's been holding you back or keeping you stuck, we believe that you will triumph in taking a leap toward the happiness and fulfillment you so richly deserve.

Don't wait! The time is NOW!

Tuition: $400.00

Discounts and payment plans available if needed.  Read more below.

We do our best to make the Evolution Training available to people of all income levels.
So if payment plans or discounts are needed,
please contact Sue at 415-377-5156 to make arrangements.

For more information including our financial policies, payment plan options, scholarship opportunities and our money back guarantee visit our FAQ page.

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I have taken many trainings on personal development,
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it all together like the Evolution Training!"




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