~ Testimonials ~

"Sue, I can't thank you enough for your amazing gift. There is no way for me to even tell you how much 2.5 days and group of strangers has truly changed my life. Thank you so much!  You are the most amazing, giving person I have ever met in my life. I was able to forgive my ex-husband & my mother and I am now working on those relationships.  Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much, you changed my life!!!!!!!" Love, A.K.

"The Evolution Training was very eye opening and life changing for me. It taught me to look at my inner self more and to look into the feelings & emotions I had tucked away for a long time and wouldn't express, which was only hurting myself and the people in my life I care about. I learned the tools to express myself in a more positive way in all of the relationships I have (family, friends, etc.) It showed me more functional ways to communicate and participate in a relationship with my significant other. I truly enjoyed this experience and 100% recommend doing it!" K.P.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  Thank you for your realness, your sharing of your own process and your faith!  It is SOOO important for me to have REAL life role models at this time and to know that I can choose to live the life of my dreams.  I can't tell you how excited I am about all of it. I am still so learning how to do relationship communication.  Thanks again...so blessed, blessed to be working so hard on myself and my deep commitment to live a life that is one of love.  And blessed that the universe is supporting me by bringing me people and programs like you and Evolution! With Gratitude, B.B.

It's so crazy for me to look at how I used to handle my emotions and situations compared to now after the training. I'm in such a better place. I was living this life of not opening up as much as I could to people because of the fear of getting let down or hurt and I just wasn't connecting with people like I could. Now I have these amazing friendships and bonds with people that my heart could just explode. I still have my down days but it's nothing compared to what it used to be. Now I have people who I can turn to for support or advice to help me through it all. I'm beyond grateful for the Evolution Training. MC 

I'm really quite proud of myself & I've just got to toot my own horn! I have been feeling very strong & in my power lately and I've noticed that I'm becoming much more decisive, radically honest & bolder than ever. Even better... I'm getting a lot of practice at setting aside guilty feelings & worries of judgment, fretting over what everyone else thinks. Yesterday I was in the midst of a tense business situation & instead of falling into my usual role of peacekeeper & ‘go along gal’ I spoke my mind and communicated my concerns positively enough that I may have opened up some new opportunities in an industry I love. It is truly amazing, the powerful shifts that occur when you commit to doing the work. I'm so very grateful for all of you & all I've learned. So much love! VS

I have no words to express the magnitude of positive changes Evolution has blessed me with and the amazing life long connections I've made. My life and perspectives will never be the same. I feel whole for the first time. PF

I learned a lot, really. ..I’m not alone, vulnerability is the way of connection, to connect is the way to heal, love ...love is truly awesome, to love myself and my faults, it’s hard to explain but I can feel it ...you can see it...I’m not the same Mike ...I’m a happier human being...with your and the group’s help I am free...I am able to accept love and to give it back...there’s so much!  MW

I attended the first class 5 years ago and it is still the most transformative course I've ever been to. I've wanted to return ever since, as the learning made a profound and very positive impact in my life. My partner and I are flying out from Europe for the next one, well worth the journey. VS

A smile came over my heart when I typed these words. A little over 3 months ago I spent 3 days that we're all about ME! Prior to this time I had spent alot of time only on what I didn't want in life! I had set a few goals prior to the training, lose weight and find a new career path. On October 15,2017, I put into practice the invaluable tools and insight the EVO Tribe had generously given to me. I trusted these practices and for maybe the first time in my life, I put myself first and foremost. And guess what? All the fear, guilt and gamble I had staked on truly committing to my own needs and desires happened seamlessly! Right on time! I'm so elated to share with you all that I am working for a stellar company with endless opportunities for the future, even a chance at fulfilling a dream I thought had passed me by! And.. drum roll please... I lost 54 lbs as of today! I truly am on the right path,, didn't know if I would ever be 6 months ago... That Neutral Mind and a little help from my friends was such a blessing! Thank you all for being part of this wonderful experience,, and a most sincere Thank You to Nancey for her steadfast encouragement and blind Faith in me.  SK

Invite for anyone who wants to live a truly authentic life! I did this training a year ago and it's changed my life in the best ways. No need to be passive aggressive with people that irritate me, I can speak my truth or choose to let people go who can't be genuine or honest. I always thought I was being honest, but many times I was masking my feelings because I didn't know how to ask for what I needed or I made things all about me. Now I know that most times, other people stuff has nothing to do with me...it's their own insecurities. Not to say I don't continue to make mistakes --but I am able to process hurt, anger and resentment much better!!!  So if you are wanting more in your life then consider attending the Evolution Workshop coming to Modesto. It is life changing and....trust me...you've NEVER experienced love and connection in the way you will at the training. Super excited that my husband is taking the leap of faith and doing it! Life is a journey and too short to not live it fully present and ALIVE! Thank you to my friend for being brave and sharing Evo with me....my life will never be the same! To Sue Irwin...the fearless transformational life coach who has opened my soul to self-love, kindness and acceptance ...thank you! The journey is never over..I fail and I fall but I know I am worth dusting myself off and trying to be a better version of myself every day.  KD

Dear Sue, I am so happy to share with you the progress I’ve made since attending the Evolution Training! Since the training I have achieved some VERY important goals I had set for my life. Specifically: 1) I wanted to completely quit drinking diet soda: CHECK! 2) I wanted to quit smoking: CHECK! 3) I wanted to live a healthier life by eating better and exercising. I have been slowly and consistently losing weight, 28 lbs so far and still going! CHECK! 4) I wanted to feel better about myself in general: CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! My process since the training has also assisted me wonderfully when setbacks come, because I feel stronger to face them and know that there is not achievement without hard work and even some struggle. But compassion is helping me to forgive myself and get up and start again and progress a few more steps Sometimes I think: "why didn't I do all this before, a few years ago, etc etc?" But soon the answer comes to comfort me: things happen when they do and the universe is always at my side to meet me and give me a hand. So it doesn't matter.  It is happening NOW because I AM READY NOW and I needed the lessons I've learned from the times I was not. While I thank my friend for inviting me to attend, I am aware that my own movement pushed me to do it and I celebrate and congratulate myself every day for that. I also thank you and all the wonderful people I met there. The training affected me very positively and concretely. To say the least, it empowered me to really believe that I have all the keys and answers that I need to overcome my difficulties and recognize my abilities and strength. This is something I already knew but did not believe enough or maybe had forgotten about.  In a way, I can say that I've woken up!  Not coincidentally, my life is showing concrete signs that those love seeds planted in my heart during the training are blooming beautifully! Thank you again for being a light in my awakening! Sincerely, VR

My name is John and not unlike countless millions of people, I was born into a belief system that damaged many aspects of my life. Some were created by authority figures, society and me. Some of these beliefs served me well, but most of them didn't. I boarded my personal "train" of life many years ago and along the way, stuffed it with loads and loads of "emotional baggage." Often times I would think of how lucky other people were in life, and that I was just one of the unlucky ones. The "dye had been cast" for me to live my days in darkness and despair. Then, an AMAZING thing happened. A very good friend of mine asked if I was open to attending a 2.5 day workshop in San Francisco called "The Evolution Training." The training was facilitated by a wonderful woman named Sue Irwin. Being somewhat skeptical, but open to the process, I called Sue and she explained what she would be doing over the 2.5 day period. Something deep down inside of me said GO! All I want to say is that it was beyond a shadow of a doubt, the BEST decision I ever made.  What happened during the training was the most amazing display of LOVE, SUPPORT, GRATITUDE, PURITY, HOPE, LIGHT AND JOY I've ever been involved with. I could go on and on with a thousand more positive words, but I think you get the picture.  I was surrounded by a group of students and "team leaders" who radiated such abundant light and goodness over those 2.5 days, that it changed my life FOREVER!! I had the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH of my life and when that "train" finally rolled into the station on that bright Saturday afternoon in San Francisco, my 47 years of "emotional baggage" was tossed off aided by the love and support of Sue and her wonderful "team" along with my new-found friends who also attended. What can I say but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Each and every one of these people touched my life and in some small way, I believe we helped to not only heal me and each other that weekend, but the planet too!  It is with abundant love and gratitude that I say THANK YOU Sue and THANK YOU "team" and all of my supporters. I love each and every one of you and will be eternally grateful for our shared experience. I will NEVER forget you! Love always! JS

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